Elkmont High School Location

Elkmont High School is a 6-12 school northwest of Huntsville, Alabama, in Limestone County. It is located in rural Limestone County, but within commuting distance of Huntsville, Athens, and Florence. Elkmont High School serves a wide-range of students from varying socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. The small size of Elkmont leads to greater individual attention for all students.

Elkmont High School is an Advanced Education Accredited school. It has a student population of 650 and a faculty and staff of 53. Of the certified staff members, 65% hold advanced degrees. In addition to certified personnel, EHS has a full-time nurse and a full-time resource officer. EHS offers its students a wide range of academic, athletic, and cultural activities, and each year, a large percentage of the graduating class receives scholarships to pursue higher education.

Elkmont High School History

1912 elkmont high school

The first county high school to be established in Limestone County was the Limestone County High School at Elkmont, Alabama. The money for the building, nearly $10,000, was obtained from three sources: the sale of the old school building, located where the Lewis Morris home now stands, state funds, and private donations contributed by civic-minded citizens who were interested in obtaining the best possible educational opportunities for their children.

The building, constructed in 1912, was a two-story brick structure. The second story was used as an auditorium but also included a music room, home economics room, and library. The first class, made up on only four students, graduated from Limestone County School in 1915.

1935 - A new brick elementary building and an attached new brick auditorium were built on the site of the current football stadium.

1938 - A tornado hit the high school making the top story unsafe, so high school classes were held in the auditorium of the elementary school.        Students were able to move into the remodeled, single-story high school in the fall of 1939. 

1942 - The elementary school burned, causing elementary classes to be held in local churches for the next year and a half. In the fall of 1943, a new elementary school, which included the first lunchroom, was built on the site of the 1998 gym. This structure burned in 1968.

1947 - A new brick gymnasium was added.

1949 - The combination lunchroom and Civic Center was built. EHS published its first yearbook.

1955 - The present vocational building was built.

1962 - A new addition was added to the high school. These rooms make up part of the main building today.

1965 - A newer, larger gym was completed.

1966 - EHS started its first band program.

1967 - The band room was built. The original single-story structure was torn down, and a new high school building was constructed. This is the front part of the current school complex.

1968 - An elementary school was erected across the street from the high school.

1972 - A new lunchroom was constructed. This room is now the library.

1982 - The band room was remodeled and a special ed building was added. This is the current kindergarten building.

1989 - The science wing was added.

1990 - Limestone County High School was accredited by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges.

1995 - The current lunchroom was built, and the new elementary wing was added.

1997 - A new, air-conditioned gym was built and the original 1947 gym was demolished.

2003 - The school offices underwent a much-needed enlargement and facelift. With the addition came a new entrance.

2016 - The school received a complete make-over inside: new paint throughout the school, new bathrooms, new ceilings, new lighting, and new flooring. 

2017-2018 - Elkmont Elementary and Elkmont High were split into two separate schools.

Excerpts from "Limestone County High School, History 1912-2000" Brochure, History Brochure Committee, 2000.

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